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Pause, Breathe, Engage                                           



Our mission is to support local and regional artists by providing quality exhibition space and professional support. Our goals emphasize fostering community and encouraging the public to engage with art by showcasing fine work in an accessible setting. By highlighting the talent of artists working among us, we serve to inspire, elevate and create new perspectives! 

Temporarily Closed due to Relocation

Curators: Christina Paul, Tami Fuller, Liz Birardi

The COMMA’s intent is to bring quality art to more people. To that intent, we do not sit in judgment of the type of art or the credentials of the artist. We invite work that shows refinement and discipline. Work that shows a good grasp of the chosen media and creative execution is given priority when deciding whether to exhibit.


When considering works in our themed shows, weight is given to how well the work communicates the theme. Our group exhibitions invite artists to think about what their work says beyond literal interpretation of the theme. Because our three curators have equal voices in our jurying process, multiple viewpoints are taken into account. Our goal, above all, is to create a quality show that invites conversation and contemplation, and to help present artists’ work in the best possible context for the viewing public. 

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